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RX Skin Therapy Analysis


The Rx Skin Therapy Event was great!

Hali, a representative from RX Skin Therapy, used the skin analysis machine to help ladies see exactly what their skin issues were and recommended products to address their specific issues!

Created by pharmacists, Rx Skin Therapy is the most advanced treatment for improving your skin you can get without a prescription. Through years of extensive research, we've created products that can correct the signs of aging, reduce wrinkles, shrink pores and restore your skin's natural radiance. Our five custom therapies have been designed to meet the specific needs of your age and skin type. And, because Rx Skin Therapy was developed by pharmacists, it's only available at select pharmacies.

With thousands of skin care lines out there, RX Skin Therapy makes its point of difference by being truly "Science Based" (ingredients selected based on science, not hype), having "High Concentrations of Ingredients" (contains medicinal percentages of key ingredients) and "Fills a need" (developed through years of problem solving with patients and physicians).


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Betsy Zick

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