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Be Prepared for the New Year

There has already been a lot of confusion about which pharmacies patients can go to, in some cases the 800 numbers on the cards that people call and the corresponding websites are not up to date with current pharmacy contract information. Sometimes they tell you Island Drug is not a participating pharmacy, when we in fact are. THERE HAS NOT BEEN ONE PLAN ISLAND DRUG HAS TURNED DOWN TO THIS POINT.
If you do not see your plan listed or if you have been told Island Drug is not participating, please call 360.675.6688 x1, and our technicians will be able to assist you further.
With the implementation of the new, federally operated health care exchanges taking effect Jan. 1. CMS has just released new consumer oriented facts sheets (listed below), discussing prescription drug benefits and other aspects of the new plans.
What to know about seeing your doctor
Appealing your Insurers decision not to pay
I signed up, but don’t have health coverage. What should I do?
Getting Emergency Care
What You Should Know About Early Renewal of Health Coverage
What You Should Know About Provider Networks