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Congressional Letter on TRICARE For Life Mandatory Mail Program

For those who have made their concerns known about mandatory mail, and in particular the new TRICARE For Life Mandatory Mail Order Pilot Program we described a month ago, thank you.  Awareness is building as evidenced by this letter signed by our Congressman Rick Larsen.  We sincerely thank Congressman Larsen for his support and effort in making TRICARE aware of the large problems with coerced mail order. 

We would like to continue to help facilitate  communications about your objections to this program via the following mediums:

·         Social Media

o   Our facebook page

o   Our twitter feed

o   PLEASE USE THE HASHTAG #tflisldrg  (as in TFL Island Drug) so we can collect all the posts

·         Email your feedback to (as in TFL IslandDrug)

·         Mail or drop of any hand or type written letters to any of our pharmacists.