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Introducing Internet Refill Requests

A Convenient Online Service

We are pleased to announce our NEW online refill service.  This new feature does more than just collect refill numbers and send them to a staff member for processing.  This service actually checks your records, and gives you a real time response telling you if you have refills, if not, or if it is too early.  Further, if there are refills it places your request directly into our pharmacy system's "refill queue" where its contents are processed every couple of minutes.  If your prescription has no more refills, our system automatically faxes your doctor to request more refills with in seconds of you leaving the submission.  We urge you to try it today!

Recent additions:

  1. A Mail option that will alert our pharmacy staff that you would like your prescription mailed to a specified address.

  2. A new contact form that allows you to communicate directly to your Island Drug pharmacist regarding your refill requests.