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Introducing The Brand New La Conner Drug App!

La Conner Drug is happy to announce the release of our new app, totally free to use, that makes it even more convenient for you to fill prescriptions at your nearest La Conner Drug location.

Users will not only be able to send refill requests through the app, available for both android and iOS devices, they will also be able to check the status of a prescription, maintain a prescription profile, scan Rx bottles for refills, access pocket profiles, review prescription history, and find pharmacy contact information.

Profile access requires registration, but users can send refill requests via the app (or web portal) with no registration needed! These refill requests are processed quickly – you simply enter your Rx number or scan the barcode, and receive an immediate response confirming the valid refill request!

Please note that registration requests may take a day or two to process, as we manually screen and validate incoming requests to ensure all patient privacy.

Available for Android and iPhone


The app is currently available for use with our Laconner location, as well as our Oak Harbor store.


These same functions – easy refills, pocket profiles, etc. – are also available through our brand new web portal! For those without smartphones, or those who just prefer to use a web browser, the La Conner Drug web portal is a great way to review prescription history, manage family member prescriptions, and print profiles as needed.

For detailed information on how to use the web portal, simply follow the instructions displayed below!


The La Conner Drug app is available now for iOS and Android, and the web portal is ready to use today! Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the free app, and access the web portal at

Now, refilling your prescriptions with La Conner Drug is easier than ever before!