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Refill Problems


Ever forgot to place a refill order and run out of your medication?  Maybe even realized there are no refills left, leaving you a couple days without medicine while the doctor is contacted?  Ever been left with no tablets for your evening dose and had to come to the pharmacy during the after-work rush just to get a simple refill?  Ever tried to get a refill that you need that day where the full quantity of the rx wasn’t available?  Would you rather spend your time with your family and friends than waiting for a prescription to be refilled at the pharmacy?



The Ultimate Refill Solution!


If you have answered yes to any of these questions above, we have a guaranteed solution for you!  All of these situations can be resolved by allowing your Island Drug/ LaConner Drug team to work on your refill orders BEFORE you need them.  That way, they will always be ready whenever it is convenient for you to pick them up.  Further, they will always be in the full quantity; even though over 95% of our prescriptions are filled in full on the same day, there are occasions when it is necessary to order more stock to fill an order.  Since we get all orders the next business day, beginning the refill process ahead of schedule will ensure the full quantity of your prescription is available to you at the time of pickup.  Another advantage of starting the refill process before you need the refill is the instances where there are no refills remaining.  We alert you to the fact that your Rx has no more refills, allowing you to send a request directly to the doctor, giving them the time they need to authorize the Rx and have it back to us in time to fill it before running out of medication.



How do I Sign Up?


Simply fill out this short enrollment form, present it to a pharmacy staff member, and we will start your refill reminder service immediately!



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Even though we already offer many convenient ways to refill your prescription; 24-hour automated phone system, 24 hour online requests, and personal assistance by our staff, those all require time and effort on your part either to key in all of the rx#’s or spend time on the phone reading them to a staff member.  What we are offering is to present all of that information to you and then all you have to do is one thing; say yes or no to the refill reminder.  We have two ways of doing this: (1) email and (2) automated phone calls.



See Detailed Feature List Below


The $20 Guarantee

We are so confident that this new service will increase convenience, save your valuable time, increase compliance, and in general lead to a great experience at your local pharmacy that we are backing this confidence with a $20 guarantee.  If you respond to a refill reminder on an Rx that has refills, with a “Yes please fill”, on the same day the reminder is sent and it is not ready, in full, on the day you take the last dose of your current Rx, we will issue you a $20 Gift Card to our Gift Department!



Feature List for Refill Reminder Service Email Phone
Information Provided on Reminder: Rx#
Information Provided on Reminder: Patient Name, Drug Name, Last Purchase Date, Refill Due Date, Number of Refills Remaining -
Not having to be by your phone/computer to respond at the time request is sent: you can manage reminders from the office or when travelling. -
Ability to handle Mail-Out Requests -
Sends Reminders for Rx's with Refills
Sends Reminders for Rx's withOUT Refills -
Ablity to Instantly Fax Dr for Refill Authorization If No Refills Remain -
Batched Reminders: Multiple Rx's per reminder -
Enhanced Confidentiality: assurance only you, and not family/friends/guests,  will get the message about your prescriptions. -
Ability to leave messages for your Pharmacist when processing refills.
Confirmation: Ability to print and/or save reminders for verification or to respond at a later date. -
Reminders sent on Rx's that have greater than a 7 Day Supply: generally shorter duration rx's don't need/can't be refilled very far in advanced.
Reminders sent for Schedule 2 (CII) Narcotics: These types of medications require a new Rx each time from the prescriber. - -
Greatly Enhanced Convenience! √√


Sample Email NEW! Click Here For Video Demonstration

Good Morning Valued Customer,

Our records indicate that your prescription(s) shown below are due to be refilled soon.

RX #: Drug: Refill Due: Refills Left: Last Filled:
111111 VITAMIN A 10000 UNITS 06/22/07 0 of 0 05/23/07
222222 VITAMIN C 1000MG TABLET 1000 MG 06/22/07 9 of 9 05/23/07

The link below will place all of the necessary information about the above prescription(s) onto our Online Refill Form. At that time you can modify your refill request before final submission; remove Rx #'s, add Rx #'s, choose pickup, delivery, or mail-out, and add a message that will be sent directly to your pharmacist. If there are refills left, they will be processed immediately. If there are no refills left, a fax will be instantly sent to your doctor requesting additional fills be authorized.

If you wish to refill your prescription(s) at a later time, you can save this email as the link below never expires. If the prescription(s) displayed above are something you no longer wish to be refilled, you may disregard this email as no action is taken unless you click the "Place Refill Order" button after clicking the link below.

Please click here to begin processing your Rx's.

Thank You,

Your Island Drug Team